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Welcome to Telugu Association of the Jacksonville Area (TAJA)

Telugu Association of the Jacksonville Area (TAJA) is a registered non profit organization formed in 2002 in Jacksonville, FL to promote cultural, literary, humanitarian activities, and enhance intercultural understanding between the Telugu and other local communities. Throughout the year, TAJA celebrates Indian festivals as a group i.e. Ugadi, Sankranti, Summer Picnic OR a Special Event organized by the committee as fund riser or talent promotions, and Humanitarian Activity. TAJA membership is open to any one interested in Telugu culture or literature or anyone who is interested in enhancing intercultural understanding between the Telugu and other local communities. TAJA Executive Committee members are elected every year. TAJA executive committee members conduct day-to-day operation of the organization.

TAJA Objectives

  • To preserve and maintain the heritage of Telugu culture.
  • To promote Telugu literary and cultural activities.
  • To create, promote and increase awareness of Telugu and Indian culture among local communities by participating in social activities.
  • To support humanitarian causes either directly or in cooperation with other registered non-profit organizations in the USA and abroad

TAJA History

In January 2002, several Telugu people met to celebrate Sankranti Festival; during that time the idea of starting a local Telugu Association was proposed. Interested people forward their opinions via email, encouraged and communicated actively. After 3 or 4 public meetings, it was established that there is a need for an association that can serve the Telugu community and subscribes to democratic principles. During Ugadi 2002 celebrations the idea was proposed to attended public with a detailed presentation. It was accepted by the public and an association was immediately formed and members for the executive committee were elected according to the proposed presentation. Executive members initiated and formed a committee to draft the by-laws and constitution which were reviewed among the committee, also extended executive committee and requested the members to join in the review.