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President’s Voluntary Service Award

About the Award:

The President’s Volunteer Service Award is a civil award bestowed by the President of the United States. The award was established to honor volunteers and recognize their dedication where they give hundreds of hours each year helping others. This award is granted to individuals, families and organizations located throughout the United States.


TAJA has been recognized as an organization that is eligible to issue President’s Voluntary Service Awards (PVSA).

These awards recognize the work that is done by volunteers as a small token of appreciation.

Youth are the future of TAJA. Hence youth engagement and recognition are one of the primary organizational objectives through this PVSA program.

We hope this award is another mechanism where youth can engage in volunteer work and give back to the community while also providing opportunities to establish meaningful connections to TAJA families.

PVSA Guidelines

Award age groups and categories

Kids (5-10 years old)26-49 hours50-74 hours75+ hours4000+ hours
Teens (11-15)50-74 hours75-99 hours100+ hours4000+ hours
Young Adults (16-25)100-174 hours175-249 hours250+ hours4000+ hours
Adults (26+)100-249 hours250-499 hours500+ hours4000+ hours

For any further questions or feedback, please email info@manataja.org